Our Houses

Grace Prosper Housing Foundation is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that offers housing for Fresh Starts all based from a clean and sober living environment.

Our Housing Plans include: 
– Men, Women and Teen Sober Living and Recovery Houses
– Infant and mother NAS recovery Homes
– Family Reunification Homes
– Foster Children Supports

People in recovery need stable housing where they can focus on personal growth and have access to the resources they need for themselves and their families to heal.

Beautiful homes in safe neighborhoods provide the foundation for supported fresh starts.

MAR-Accepted, and Capable

MAR stands for Medication Assisted Recovery and uses FDA-approved medications to reduce withdrawal and cravings or to block the effects of opioids and alcohol. If you need help overcoming a reliance on prescription pain medication, heroin or alcohol, our homes  support medication assisted recovery use of prescribed medication to assist in their recovery, along with psychosocial services and recovery support services, like group meetings. Grace Prosper Housing Foundation accepts MAR/MAT patients and provides appropriate measures to safely secure these important tools.

A recovery home is a shared living environment free from alcohol and illegal drug use, centered on peer support and connection to services to help achieve overall recovery goals. Working with individualized recovery plans, our evidenced based structure allows each resident to chose a secular or non-secular recovery path.
Each house has a house manager that provides the personal support and structure for successful recovery.

You can learn more about what components make a house level-II or level-III certified by NARR.

NARR is a nonprofit organization dedicated to expanding the availability of well-operated, ethical and supportive recovery housing. NARR has developed the most widely referenced national standard for the operation of recovery residences.

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