Please help Grace Prosper Housing Foundation achieve its mission by donating today.

Ways to donate:


Pray for our mission, those we serve, and the provision for the life-changing work we have been called to do. Join our Facebook Group and see if we have volunteer opportunities in a Grace Prosper House near you.



Give a monetary donation via PayPal or check. Monetary gifts will be utilized to support scholarship opportunities for residents in need, as needed to maintain the homes, or to help with opening additional houses.


In-kind donation

Take a look at our wish lists at both WalMart and Amazon. Feel free to purchase off those lists and the items will be delivered directly to a Grace Prosper House. If you are near one of our Grace Prosper Houses and have something on our lists already to donate or you have special skills you think could be helpful to the house or our residents, please reach out to our Regional Directors.

Arizona WalMart Wishlist
Texas WalMart Wishlist
Amazon Wishlist

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